In June 1973, students gathered in the basement of Frick Art Center at the College of Wooster to kick off the inaugural class of the Wooster Arts Center. They sat down to a water glass, a palette of paints, and a blank sheet of paper,  marking the beginning of a 50 year journey ripe with possibilities.

Since its inception, Wayne Center for the Arts has seen significant growth. However, one thing has remained constant: the strong sense of community. The original arts center was a vision of key community members, and it took the collective effort of hundreds across Wayne County to bring it to life. As the Wooster Arts Center outgrew its original location and transitioned to the current Wayne Center for the Arts building, the community’s support made it possible.

Interviews with past directors, board members, and community leaders describing Wayne Center for the Arts’ rich history and impact.

WCA’s core mission has always been to serve our community. Through art, culture, and the act of bringing people together, WCA strengthens the bonds and relationships that drive Wayne County forward. After 50 years, WCA’s reach extends far beyond its building and classrooms. Through impactful outreach, collaborative relationships, and creative partnerships, WCA is contributing to a stronger, more vibrant, and more resilient Wayne County. This achievement is thanks to YOU, our community, who support and champion this important work.

We hope you’ll join us in supporting the valuable work that WCA is doing, for our community, and for the next 50 years.

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