What are the benefits of participating in art classes at WCA? Click the arrows below to learn more!
Support your mental health.

Numerous studies link participation in the arts to positive mental health.  Unplug from the world for an hour or two, and take the opportunity to draw, mold clay, sing, or paint!  The positive results are similar to those achieved from meditation: lower blood pressure, reduced anxiety and stress, and increased positive brain chemicals like endorphins and dopamine.  Plus, participating in art classes helps boost confidence and a positive self-image.

Ignite creativity and improve your brain!

Although arts can be calming, creating art also stimulates the creative parts of the brain.  Those who regularly create art boost their memory, their language skills, and problem-solving skills.  In children, participation in art is directly linked to higher academic achievement. All types of art, both visual and performance (like music and dance), exercise the same parts of the brain used for geometry, science, engineering, critical thinking, and spatial awareness.

Improve gross and fine motor skills.

At any age, you can improve your dexterity and coordination.  Of course this is beneficial for young children, but also for adults!  Exercising the nerves connecting the brain to other parts of your body is a great way to keep your brain and body healthy!

Learn from great people.

The teachers and staff at WCA are extraordinary, caring people.  While they are all very talented in their individual crafts, they are also dedicated to making sure every student at WCA feels welcome, engaged, and supported.  Each class is taught by a passionate artist, eager to share their love of art with you!

Make friends!

Classes are a great place to meet people from your community.  People from all walks of life can connect over art.  Working together, we break down barriers and find common ground to join together to create.  


WCA offers so many options!  Our diverse classes encompass several media types including dance, painting, drawing, pottery, sculpture, digital arts, technology, theater, instrumental music, vocal music, creative writing, and more.  Whether you’re looking to paint a picture to hang on your wall or start a new hobby like guitar, you’ll find the avenue to create what your heart desires.  

Improve behavior.

For kids and adults, art can be an alternative coping mechanism for the hardships in life.  In children, studies have shown that participating in art leads to reduced behavioral problems.  For adults, art provides support to overcome mental illness, addiction, and problems with anger.  Art is a healthy way to cope!

Join a safe space.

WCA is a safe space for ALL.  We offer a place where you can be yourself and let the true “you” shine.  Hate has no home here.

Tell stories and preserve culture.

Art allows us to preserve our local culture in a meaningful way.  Use art to tell your story so that future generations can know what our community is all about.

Support your community.

Providing classes and workshops is just one of the many ways that WCA brings art to our community.  Our Community Outreach Program and involvement in the Downtown Wooster Arts District are improving lives and our neighborhood. When you register for a class at WCA, you are supporting our mission to enrich lives and strengthen our community through art.