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Adult & Teen Visual Arts | Ages 14+

Artist's Studio Spring Session | March 20-May 1 | Ages 14-17

Wednesdays 4:30-6:00 pm

Instructed by Alison Eby

Location: Children's Studio

Please note: No class April 17th

Students are provided space, instructional resources, and basic supplies to explore creative avenues of their choosing in this studio setting.

Brief weekly lessons on art history and artistic techniques are designed to inspire and educate students on their way to establishing their own artistic style. Students will work with the instructor to create an individualized curriculum of their choosing and will receive guidance specific to their goals and to improve upon their existing skills. This course results in 3-5 completed projects to add to their artist portfolio; an essential part for any student intending to apply to an art school or envisioning a career in art.

@ $95.00 ea.

Intro to Oil | March 20-May 15| Ages 18+

Wednesdays 6:30-8:30 pm

Instructed by Alison Eby

Location: Children's Studio

Please note: No class April 17

Oil painting does not need to be feared! Designed for the complete beginner this course will walk students through the materials and techniques needed to work with oil paint. We will cover and apply traditional techniques such as underpainting, glazing, scumbling, and impasto while learning about the masters who perfected these styles. Upon learning the fundamentals, students will be encouraged to discover and experiment with unconventional techniques and tools such as painting with a cloth, painting with a palette knife, and mixing materials into the paint to create texture. This course will give you all the skills needed to create your own painting style and resulting masterpiece with the truly versatile medium of oil paint!

Click HERE for Supply List!

@ $110.00 ea.
Watercolor | April 2-May 21 | Ages 14+
Watercolor | April 2-May 21 | Ages 14+

Watercolor | April 2-May 21 | Ages 14+

Watercolor | April 2-May 21 | Ages 14+

Tuesdays 6:30-8:30 pm

Instructed by Rob Van Natta

Location: Children's Studio

Please note: No class April 16th

Paint more. Learn more. Enjoy seven 2-hour sessions that will develop your watercolor skills and increase your appreciation for the art of watercolor. This is a class for those who are beginners as well as for advanced watercolor artists. Start where you are and move to the next level. Every time you pick up your brush you learn something new. Come enjoy the fun!

Students will need the following supplies:

1. Painting Surface

* 140 lb (or heavier) watercolor paper, size 9"x12" minimum- may be larger if you wish

2. Brushes

* 1" Flat Brush

* No. 6, 7, or 8 Round Brush

3. Paint

Suggested brands: Grumbacher, Winsor-Newton, or M. Graham* tubes of paint and a palette or a watercolor set

The follow colors are suggested for this class:

Thalo Red or Quinacridone Rose

Thalo Blue

Ultramarine Blue


Yellow Ochre

Cadmium orange

Sap Green

Burnt Sienna

4. Fine mist spray bottle, 4 to 6 0z

5. No. 2 Pencil

6. Eraser

7. Small Artist's sketchbook or any type of drawing paper

8. Paper Towels

9. Wide mouth container for water

10. Small roll of masking tape.

This list is a starting point for those who have not previously worked in watercolors. All of the supplies listed here are available for purchase at Pat Catans. If you have previously painted using watercolors, please bring your current supplies.

@ $100.00 ea.