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Wayne Center Ballet

The Wayne Center Ballet provides professional level performance opportunities to accomplished young dancers and educates audiences in the art of ballet and other dance styles through original children's stories. 

Auditions for the Wayne Center Ballet Company are held annually. Please contact Meredith at meredith@wayneartscenter.org for more information.

Past Performances

Wayne Center for the Arts presents three sessions of performance a year: a Nutcracker or Winter Ballet, the New Works Project, and our Spring Show, with additional local and regional performance opportunities available to excelling students.

2019-20 Company

  • Samantha Amier

    Nurain Samantha Amier (Sammy), Senior Level, has been learning ballet since she was 2. She is 16, a junior, and a distinguished honor roll student at Wooster High School. She loves ballet, music, speech, and golf. She is good-natured with a great personality and she loves her ballet friends and teachers. She has been with the Wayne Center Ballet for five years. She attended Cincinnati Ballet, Cicilia Ballet School, and Marlupi Dance Academy. She has performed in The Journey of Sunshine, Carnival of the Animals, Winter Wonderland, The Nutcracker, A Little Princess, The Quest of Feather Friends, and Aladdin. She has also performed in The Hall of Fame Holiday Show, Wooster Music and Arts Fest, and The OhioDance Young Artist Concert. She has received awards and recognitions for her achievements in dance, music, speech, and academics.

  • Alayna Green

    Alayna Green, 16, Senior Level, is a sophomore at Smithville High School, an honor roll student, and a 2020-21 majorette. Alayna has been dancing for 12 years and has been a part of the Company for 5 years. Alayna has participated in all types of dance, receiving the Roberta Looney Scholarship and awards for assisting in the community school classes. Alayna has been trained by Brian Murphy, Artistic Director of The Wayne Center for the Arts; Lauren Stenroos, from the Cleveland Ballet; Erich Yetter of Anderson University; Kimberly Payne of Wayne Center for the Arts; Carson Sandiford of Boulder Ballet; Mia Klinger of BXO; Omar Humphrey of Verb Ballet; as well as Mary Elizabeth Fenn, Ella Davidson Turner, Regina Pietraroia, and Ethan Michael Lee. Alayna’s past performances include The Nutcracker, The Carnival of Animals, Happy choreographed by Tom Gold, and the lead role of “Sunshine” in The Journey of Sunshine by Brian Murphy. She recently participated in summer intensives at The Wayne Center. Alayna’s goal is to pursue a career in physical therapy or dance when she graduates.

  • Brianna Shearer

    Brianna Shearer, Senior Level, is 16 years old and currently studies at Wayne County's Career Center in the Animal Science Trade. She has been dancing for 4 years and has been on pointe 3 and a half years. Brianna plans to possibly pursue a career in dance, with aspirations to audition for Cirque du Soleil or The New York City Ballet Company; other career plans include becoming a Vet Tech and working in an animal hospital or clinic. Her favorite past roles include The Arabian solo in the Nutcracker in 2018, the Ballerina in Journey of Sunshine in spring 2019, and Phoebe in Sleighride in winter 2019. Brianna also teaches for WCA's Community School of Dance, where she has taught Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, Tap Level 1, and Ballet 4. She has participated in summer intensives at WCA and at the Colorado Ballet. Brianna says, "My favorite dancer and role model is Misty Copeland because she taught me that no matter what age you start dancing, with hard work, you can do great things; and to believe in yourself and not to give up even if other people tell you that you should."

  • Ivy Shearer

    Ivy Shearer, Senior Level, is 13 years old and attends Chippewa High School. She has been dancing for four years and on pointe for one year. Her past roles have been “Chicken” in Carnival of the Animals, “Rat”, “Jester”, and a Polichinelle in The Nutcracker, and “Mother” in Journey of Sunshine. She would like pursue criminal justice when she's older. She enjoys drawing, swimming, and spending time with friends and family.

  • Brielle Burchett

    Brielle Burchett, 10, Junior Level, is in 5th grade at St. Mary’s. She has studied ballet as a member of the Wayne Center Ballet Company since 2017. Since becoming a company member, Brielle has performed in Carnival of the Animals, The Nutcracker, The Journey of Sunshine, To the Hands and Winter Sleighride. When she is not dancing, she is an active member in the Wayne County 4-H program, St Mary’s Choir and Art Club. Brielle aspires to become a teacher.

  • Trevor Grimes

    Trevor Grimes, aged 12, Junior Level, is a seventh-grade honors student at Edgewood Middle School, where he participates in band. He started his dance studies at Richland Academy of the Arts, where he continues to study with Marden Ramos. He enjoys the opportunity to work with so many different instructors.

  • Vivian Haughn

    Vivian Haughn, 10, Junior Level, is a 5th grader at Orrville Middle School. Vivian has been dancing at Wayne Center for the Arts since she was 4 years old. This is her fourth year as a member of the Wayne Center Ballet Company. She has performed in The Carnival of the Animals, her first production of The Nutcracker in 2018, Journey of Sunshine, and Winter Sleighride. She enjoys reading, painting, and traveling to Illinois to visit her grandparents and family members there. She hopes to one day be a dance instructor and a physical therapist.

  • Emma Manchigiah

    Emma Manchigiah, Junior Level, is a 4th grader at Kean Elementary, where she excels in the Gifted and Talented program and has been the recipient of the annual “Kean Leader” award and the "Certificate of Recognition" presented by the Wooster City School Board of Education. When not at ballet or in school, Emma LOVES to be creative. She has artwork featured in the Akron Children’s Hospital permanent art gallery, has been published in Disney Junior and Friends magazines, was awarded First Place at the Wayne County Fair, and has been a recipient of the WCS Fine Arts Festival Selected Artist for First-Third grades. She loves singing, illustrating stories, hanging out with her friends, and rooting on her favorite team - the Buffalo Bills!

    Thrilled to be completing her third year with the Wayne Center Ballet, Emma has studied under Brian Murphy, Ballet Master & WCA Artistic Director; Kimberly Payne, WCA Dance Program Coordinator; Lauren Stenroos, Ballet Master & member of the Cleveland Ballet; and Ballet Master Ethan Michael Lee. Her performances include The Carnival Of The Animals, The Nutcracker, The Journey Of Sunshine, Winter Sleighride, and New Works.

  • Brooke Manson

    Brooke Manson, 11, Junior Level, is a sixth-grader at the Montessori School of Wooster. She has been studying ballet at Wayne Center for the Arts since she was three and has been a company member since 2018. Brooke loves to dance. Her performances with Wayne Center for the Arts include The Journey of Sunshine, Carnival of the Animals, Winter Sleighride, and The Nutcracker, along with annual winter and spring performances. In addition to dancing, Brooke loves to create paintings, draw and spend time with her puppy.

  • Kinsey Sipos

    Kinsey Sipos, Junior Level, is a 9-year-old fourth-grade student at Parkview Elementary. She has been dancing for the past 5 years and is in her third year with Wayne Center Ballet. She has performed as a party girl and polichinelle in The Nutcracker and has had roles in The Journey of Sunshine and The Carnival of the Animals. Last winter she danced the role of Iris in Sleighride and enjoyed performing in New Works. She has had the privilege to be trained by Lauren Stenroos from the Cleveland Ballet; Brian Murphy, Artistic Director of Wayne Center Ballet; Erich Yetter of Anderson University; Kimberly Payne, Wayne Center for the Arts; Carson Sandiford of Boulder Ballet; Anthony Spaulding of Dance Theatre of Harlem; and Omar Humphrey of Verb Ballet, as well as Ethan Michael Lee and Regina Pietraroia. Kinsey loves performing and dancing but when she is not doing those things she enjoys reading, writing and drawing. When she grows up she hopes to be a school and ballet teacher.

  • Elise Wigal

    Elise Wigal, Junior Level, is nine years old and in the fourth grade at Shreve Elementary. She is on the honor roll and has been chosen as a Leader of the Month. She has studied ballet for seven years at Wayne Center For The Arts, where she has also studied Hip-Hop and Contemporary dance styles. Her performances include Dina Prima, the Ballerina; The Carnival of the Animals; The Nutcracker; My Many-Colored Days; and annual fall and spring performances. In addition to dancing, Elise enjoys soccer, softball, and church activities.

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