Wayne Center for the Arts

Monday-Thursday 11am-9pm
Saturday 9a-3p
Closed Friday & Sunday

We're excited to announce that we're again ordering dancewear, although dancers may purchase their uniforms wherever they choose. Dance uniforms can be ordered through the front desk, online from our dance boutique, or through Stage Center Akron.

Dance class uniform details are outlined below.  Dance uniforms should be worn for either in-person or virtual classes.

Ballet - Girls:

Black leotard
Skin-toned tights and pink or skin-toned ballet slippers
Ballet dancers should wear a ballet bun with no bangs. Students are welcome to wear two buns or pigtails for Pre-Ballet/Creative Movement classes.

Ballet - Boys:

White leotard or t-shirt tucked
Black tights
White socks
Black or white ballet slippers

Adult Ballet:

Fitness attire
Pink ballet slippers for women
Black or white ballet slippers for men


Fitness attire, socks


Solid colored fitness attire
Black jazz shoes

Hip Hop:

Easy to move in athletic clothing, clean sneakers (no jeans)

Toddler & Me:

Girls: Any colored leotard and ballet skirt, pink slippers
Boys: Any colored shirt and black bottoms with black or white slippers

Adults: Comfortable clothes and clean (dedicated) shoes


Fitness attire (easy to move in clothing), yoga mat, any props