Wayne Center for the Arts

MON-THURS: 11:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m.
SATURDAY: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Dance Classes at Wayne Center for the Arts

Wayne Center for the Arts dance programs are based upon the principle that exposure to a diverse array of arts helps our dancers become well-rounded artists and community members. Our vision is to inspire and prepare the next generation of dancers by exposing them to different styles and approaches. We offer two dance programs that provide stimulating, well-rounded educational experiences. Both The Community School of Dance and The Pre-Professional School of Dance are designed to provide dance lessons for the diverse interests of our students.


The Curriculum for Both Schools of Dance

The comprehensive syllabus used by the Wayne Center for the Arts for the ballet program was created by Mia Klinger and is based on the teaching of Nan Klinger (Excellence in Dance), Leslie Hench, and Marcia Dale Weary (both of Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet). The syllabus is designed to develop technically strong, expressive dancers who excel in life.  The modern, contemporary, jazz, hip-hop, and tap syllabi comes from Kimberly Payne, dance program manager, and is aimed at inspiring life-long enjoyment and participation in the dance community.


Financial aid may be available for classes. If you wish to make monthly payments, an additional 10% will be added to the total tuition amount. Payments are due by the 15th of September, October, November, and December. All accounts that are not paid in full by October 7 will be charged the monthly payment rate.

Suggested Age for Dance Class Levels

Toddler & Me (Age 18 months - Age 3)

Pre-Primary Ballet & Tumbling (Age 3)
Primary Ballet & Tumbling (Age 4)
Level One (Ages 5-7)
Level Two (Ages 7+)
Level Three (Ages 8+)
Level A through Level D is with permission from the dance program manager

Students must be minimum age level to be considered for a level.  Please consider the dancer’s ability level with placement for all levels.

Important Dates for the Dance Department

Monday – Friday January 8-12th                          Winter Dance Intensive

January 13th – April 27th (14 Weeks of lessons)    Community School of Dance (no class the week of March 26 – March 31)
January 13th – April 27th (14 Weeks of lessons)    Pre-Professional School  (no class the week of March 26 – March 31)

January 15th                                                           Martin Luther King Jr. Day (no class – make-up date provided by instructor)

February 9th                                                           Sizzlin’ Salsa Dance Party

February 19th                                                         Presidents Day (no class – make-up date provided by instructor)

February 24th                                                         Master Classes with Kay Raib and Amanda Clark

March 17th                                                             Master Class with Kim Ranney

March 26th – March 31st                                        Spring Break (no classes)

April 28th                                                                The Spring Dance Performance: Carnival of the Animals

Monday – Friday May 14-May 24th                        Spring Dance Intensive

Dance Dress Code

Dance class uniform details are outlined below.  The ballet uniform is available for ordering from the dance department at Wayne Center for the Arts.  Order forms may be downloaded from the website or picked up at the front desk.  Please call 330.264.2787 ext. 217 for more information.

Ballet Class Uniform

Girls -       Assigned Class Color Leotard, Pink Tights,

  • Pink Ballet Slippers for the Community School of Dance
  • Black Ballet Slippers for Pre-Professional School of Dance

Boys -      White Tank Top or T-Shirt, Black Tights, and Black Ballet Slippers

Modern Contemporary Class Uniform

  • Black Leotard and Black or Pink Footless Tights

Jazz/Hip-Hop, Adult Ballet  & Tap Class Uniform

  • Solid Colored Fitness Wear

Clean Sneakers for Jazz/Hip-Hop

  • U-Shell or Oxford Tap Shoes for tap classes

Assigned Class Leotards for Ballet Levels

Pre-Primary and Primary Ballet              Black Leotard

Ballet I                                                     Pink Leotard

Ballet II                                                    Light Blue Leotard

Ballet III                                                   Lavender Leotard

Pre-Professional Level A                         Green Leotard

Pre-Professional Level B                         Blue Leotard

Pre-Professional Level C & D                  Burgundy Leotard