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SATURDAY: 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m.

Holidays may limit hours. Please check our Facebook page for the most up-to-date hours.

Clay Firing Information

Before your clay project is ready for use, it must be kiln fired -- brought up to a very high temperature in a kiln oven. When your project is ready for firing, it must dry fully before the process begins; it is then fired in two steps: a bisque firing and a glaze firing. This process, including glazing between firings, can take several weeks.

Please make sure that your name, initials, or other identifying information is marked on the clay of your project to help us track your artwork through the firing process.

Clay Kits will arrive with a form that should accompany the project when it is returned for firing. When bringing a project back to WCA for firing, please:

  • leave the project, form, and any tools that need returned on the marked table outside the pottery studios in our lower level
  • write your name and project on the provided sheet, along with the date on which you dropped off your project
  • remove any plastic covering at this point. Your project will be left to fully dry, uncovered, before the firing process can begin.

Firing dates for Winter/Spring 2021:

Projects returned to WCA before: will be ready by:
January 1 January 25
February 1 February 26
March 1 March 22
April 1 April 26
May 1 May 24

You will not be notified when your individual project is ready unless there has been a delay in firing. Please plan to pick up your project during WCA open hours after the indicated date. Finished projects may be found on the long shelves between the Front Pottery studio and the Back Pottery studio. If you can't locate your project, please ask for help.

Thanks for creating with us!


A note about underglaze kits: Your underglaze should be applied before the first firing and before your project is returned to WCA. Adam will add an overcoat glaze before the final "glaze" firing.