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Guest Artist Workshops


Guest Artist Workshops

Our Guest Artist Workshops feature artists who have proven skills in their art form and a genuine interest in sharing their artistic process to inspire other artists, students and the general community.

Register and prepay by December 18th and receive 10% off total tuition.

Financial Aid and/or Scholarships  are available for all of our workshops to assist with tuition costs!

January 9, 2016  12:00pm – 2:00pmmonroe and camera
Getting To Know Your Camera with Guest Artist Bill Thornhill  (Ages 14+)   Register Now!
$30 Nonmembers $25 Members
Congratulations! You got a wonderful new digital camera for Christmas. Now what?! If you want to learn how to make the most of the many features of your wonderful gadget, this is the class for you. Along the way, you’ll learn about how to use light, color and composition to create an effective image.



February 2, 2016   6:30pm – 8:00pmChinese Brush Painting
Chinese Calligraphy with Guest Artist Libby Chiu  (14+)   Register Now!
$25 Nonmembers FREE to Members
In honor of Chinese New Year (February 8), join guest artist Libby Chiu for a workshop on Chinese brush painting. Working with brush and ink, this noted arts educator and artist will teach the basic strokes that form the basis of Chinese calligraphy. Watercolorists, take note: the techniques can be applied to watercolor painting as well. So, regardless of your medium, join us if you would like to improve your brush technique or just want to try something new! Supplies including Chinese brushes, Chinese ink and rice paper will be provided.


February 5 & 6, 2016  9:00am – 4:00pm  Jon Swarz
Handbuilding Thrown Work with Guest Artist Jon Schwarz (Ages 14+)   Register Now!
$160 Nonmembers $140 Members
Take a hybrid approach to your ceramic work, combining wheel work with handbuilding. Guest artist Jon Schwarz will demonstrate throwing methods, then hand work off to WCA instructor Adam McVicker who will use the forms to handbuild either functional or sculptural pieces. If you’re ready to stretch the boundaries this workshop will help you synthesize techniques to create vessels that go beyond the traditional. Basic knowledge of wheel techniques is required.


February 8, 2016   6:00pm – 8:30pm   earrings
Dangle Earring Workshop with Guest Artist MacKenzie Haiss  (Ages 15+)   Register Now!
$60 Nonmembers $50 Members
Make your own sterling silver and natural bead dangle earrings! Students will each make approximately 4 pairs of earrings with a total retail value of about $100.00. We’ll supply some hearts and some other special beads in case you’d like to make some Valentine’s-themed jewelry.



February 27 & March 5, 2016  12:00pm – 5:00pm   stacking a vessel
Pottery: Stacking a Vessel – Composite Pots with Guest Artist Taylor Pasquale  (Ages 14 +)   Register Now!
$140 Nonmembers $120 Members
Want to learn how to scale up your work? Join us for this two-part workshop, where participants will learn a step-by-step method for building large pots. Students will throw multiple pieces on the wheel and then attach these works to form one seamless piece.



Photographing Your Work  (Ages 15+)  photographing your work
2 Dimensional Work – Wednesday, February 17th   6:00pm – 7:30pm  Register Now!
$35 Nonmembers FREE to Members
3 Dimensional Work – Wednesday, March 18th   6:00pm – 7:30pm   Register Now!
$35 Nonmembers FREE to Members
As an artist you need high quality pictures to submit for exhibitions and festivals. Poorly photographed work doesn’t present the best impression of your work and can be a hindrance in the jurying process. A good  photograph of your art may mean the difference between getting into an exhibition or making a sale. Come and learn how to make the best images of your artwork for maximum impact.


April 9, 2016  9:00am – 3:00pm   Kabir's bowls
Tea Bowl Workshop with Guest Artist Idris Kabir Syed  (Ages 14 +)   Register Now!
$90 Nonmembers $80 Members
The bowl is one of pottery’s most basic forms and yet it can take a lifetime to master. Learn how to create these vessels using the principals of the Japanese tea ceremony -harmony, respect, purity, and tranquility. In this workshop, Kent guest artist Idris Kabir Syed will teach students how to create tea bowls, one of his specialties. Syed has shown his work nationally and internationally and has traveled widely across Asia and India. In 2004, he was invited to and participated in an international ceramics conference/workshop in Aomori, Japan. Syed was awarded the Heritage Prize for his work in the Tile Heritage Foundation’s 2012 Art Tile Show.