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Financial Aid



Financial Assistance

Financial aid awards are available for students demonstrating financial need. We are grateful to the Noble Foundation and Sponsors for providing the funding which makes these awards possible.  Financial Aid applications, with proof of income, must be completed yearly and will be awarded to the household, and all listed household members, on a calendar year basis. Once approved, the percentage of financial aid awarded may be used for all household members wishing to enroll in classes throughout the year provided financial aid funds remain.  Financial aid awards are based on family income, household size and statement of need.

Please Download Financial Aid Application, bring it with your proof of income to Wayne Center for the Arts.

Scholarship Opportunity

In 2009, friends of former Wayne Center President Jean Baird worked to found the Jean Baird Scholarship for the Arts. It was established to encourage participation, by all ages, in our educational programs, with a preference towards ceramic art and pottery. Because of the hard work of Jean’s friends, at least $1,000 in scholarships are available every year for eligible participants, based on financial need and interest.

Download Jean Baird Scholarship Application