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Miriam Daniels

Visual Arts Instructor and Outreach Coordinator

Miriam Daniel brings a wealth of experience as a veteran educator, intuitive artist, and student of life.  She has almost two decades of experience in public elementary schools in Ohio, Alaska, and Washington.  Always a creative spirit who integrated the arts into her classrooms, her passion for painting was ignited a few years ago as she explored intuitive painting.  While making her own art at her studio in Barberton, Ohio, brings her joy, she is most inspired by the process of empowering others to create art.  In addition to teaching children’s classes and providing educational outreach for the Wayne Center for the Arts, she invests herself in teaching yoga, art classes, and private lessons in the Norton/Barberton area.  When not creating or teaching she will be found walking in the woods or hanging out at home plotting her next creative endeavor.