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International Style Ballroom Dancing Series

Taught by new Wayne Center for the Arts faculty Yvonne and Niklas Manz
Did you ever imagine yourself on the dance floor but never had the time or courage to do it? This series of ballroom dancing classes are a great start!

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sc ballroomYvonne and Niklas Manz began dancing International style ballroom (Standard and Latin American) as teenagers in Germany and have been dancing together in Standard competitions since 1993. They specialized in formation team dancing (eight couples dancing a six-minute choreographed routine that includes all five standard dances with synchronized movements). With their team, the Braunschweiger DanceSport Club (BTSC), they won the German National Championship four times.
As members of the German national team, they won the European Championship in 1995 and 1997. The highlight of their formation-dancing career was in 2000, where the team won the title of World Champion in standard formation dancing. In 2008, Yvonne and Niklas were awarded the medal of honor for outstanding athletic achievements and exemplary human and moral attitude as members of the German national ballroom formation team.
After Yvonne finished her master’s degree in Management and Economics and Niklas his Ph.D. in Physics they married and moved to the US, where they have competed as a single couple. They became certified instructors for social dance in 2001, as well as trainers in competitive ballroom dancing in 2002.
They both enjoy sharing their experience as a dancers with students. Through laughter, a little sweat, and of course, dancing, they want to give everyone the chance to have a new creative outlet or social activity, have a access to a different art form, or even to become a competitive ballroom dancer.

Introduction to International Style Ballroom/Standard Dancing

Ages 18+
Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm
4 Weeks: June 7-28
$60 Nonmembers $50 Members   Register Now!

When one conjures an image of ballroom dancing, International Standard is the style that most often comes to mind: sweeping ball gowns, men in tails and formal, regal dancing. It is ballroom’s oldest style, most recognizable and, some would say, most graceful and elegant. Long, flowing movements, continuous turns, and rise & fall characterize the traditional ballroom dances, which include: Slow Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Viennese Waltz, and Quickstep. Learn about these dances and develop foundational skills, including partnering, lead/follow, rhythm, posture (frame), movements of turning and traveling. By learning simple dance steps, and their associated timing, you can find yourself quickly out on the dance floor having fun while moving to the music, enough to “get by” at any social dance event.


Introduction to International Style Latin Dancing

Ages 18+
Tuesdays 6:30pm-8:00pm
4 Weeks: July 5-26
$60 Nonmembers $50 Members   Register Now!

In this class, you will be introduced to the fundamentals of International style Latin dancing and learn basic movements. Join Yvonne and Niklas to find the natural enjoyments of social dancing: fun, exercise and meeting new people. Passionate and syncopated, Latin-American dances are among the most inspiring on the global stage. Whether watching a dance show on television or attending a social dance, you’re bound to run into some of these Latin dances: the romantic Rumba, the bubbly Cha Cha, the dramatic Paso Doble, the carefree Samba, and the lively Jive. With their heritage in Latin American (Samba, Cha- Cha, Rumba), Hispanic (Paso Doble) and American (Jive) cultures, they each have their distinguishing traits but coincide in expressiveness, intensity and energy.