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Carnival of the Animals

Casting for Carnival of the Animals is subject to change at any time:

Note: Auditioning for the performing arts is a daunting task.  Every performer knows that it can be uncomfortable at first, but the more you audition, the more confidence you will have. Once you get the hang of it, you will learn to love auditioning. After all, you are doing what you love! Learn what to expect at the audition and how to show your best self.  Remember, if you did not get a part in the ballet this time, it does not mean you’re not a good dancer.  Stay positive and focused!

The rehearsal schedule will be posted in Wayne Center for the Arts by October 1st.  Please reserve Saturdays between 11am and 2pm for rehearsing. Please save the performance dates and week leading up to the performance for preparations. (Week of April 23 – 28th)

Wayne Center Ballet Member


Amier, Samantha C-Cuckoo, Fish
Arnold, Hannah B- Master, Fish, Cuckoo
Basnagal, Oneli C- Kangaroo, Fish, Fossil
Boreman, Carter B-Chicken, Fish, Fossil
Bowling, Brooklyn B-Cuckoo, Fish
Briggs, Caroline B-Chicken, Fish
Burchett, Brielle A-Chicken
Chanay, Faith B-Cuckoo, Fish, Fossil
Graziano, Emma B-Hunter, Fish, Pianist
Green, Alayna C-Hare, Fish
Haughn, Vivian A-chicken
Holmes-Rodgers, Nola A-chicken, Fossil
Martinez, Alicia D- Lion, Fish, Pianist
Schroer, Ashley C-Tortoise, Fish, Fossil
Shearer, Brianna C-Kangaroo, Mule Fossil
Shearer, Ivy A-chicken
Sipos, Kinsey A-chicken
Veney, Soren A-chicken, Cuckoo
Guest Artists


Neil Kangas Elephant
Averie Vaught Elephant
Ingrid Pycraft Chicken
Liam Fisher Elephant
Curtis Briggs Elephant
Ezekiel Martinez Elephant
Everley Sipos Elephant
Katelyn Baker Chicken